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Forza Horizon 3 look so good on the Xbox One In a Toyota showroom in the Peoria area one salesman reflected on the public attitude towards gas prices. Gas prices pushed past $3 a few years ago Prius Toyota fuel efficient hybrid sales went up. When gas prices topped $4 consumers couldn buy them fast enough. Much expectation is laid upon Microsoft substantial shoulders at the start of E3. The Redmond giant is expected to start the festivities in style with their trademark slickness and extravagant stage shows. The hope is to spring a surprise in a show all about one upmanship.

Neither is this a title you'll be able to play soon after purchasing. The download comes in at a whopping 49 gigabytes and took about 10 hours to download over my Internet connection. If you're on a data cap you could blow through most of a month's data in this one download.. If you're racing on winding roads the Nissan GT R is a much better choice. We didn't find ourselves sticking to one car for too long. There's one catch here though.

The customization doesn't end there as "Forza Motorsport 6" introduces modifications that can be introduced prior to the start of a race. While in the pit stop I can purchase mod packs that will offer random mods depending on what kind of pack is purchased. Each pack varies in pricing but the more I spend the more likely I'll receive a Super Rare mod. Before "New Super Mario Bros. U," I was actually getting tired of the side scrolling "Mario" games. But this game's masterfully designed levels new power ups and seamless overworld made me forget my reservations.

While most games on show at E3 showcased their action CD Projekt Red opted to focus more on their story and characters with a lengthy demo in the company of Geralt of Rivia. He a terrific protagonist interacting with The Witcher gorgeous bustling world. But the more we see of the deeper it goes. Prepare for winter motoring for less with these Black Friday deals for motorists Black Friday 2016 is here! After Thanksgiving on Thursday November 24 the shopping day of the year is upon us. Originally just an American tradition Black Friday has spread to become a worldwide event. Retailers across the globe now join in the fun opening early shutting late and offering massive deals and discounts for those quick enough (or brave enough) to go for them.Thankfully you don't need to join in the crush at physical stores things can get a little rowdy! Most Black Friday deals are now available online.

Is this the gen us 80s kids have been waiting for? Long gone are the 8 bit days of our youth. We come a long way and never has gaming been more forefront. With Alien Isolation and The Evil Within the bar has been set and hats off to Sledgehammer Games as this year Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks set to be one of the best Call Of Duty titles to date. Droplets falling on the windscreen during the rain feel so real that we almost reached for the wiper knob. The way the game transitions from day to night artificial lighting in tunnels to natural lighting is beautiful.We're really surprised that Playground Games managed to make Forza Horizon 3 look so good on the Xbox One but all these beautiful graphics come at a bit of a cost. We noticed some stuttering in the game and at times the console just froze for 10 seconds or so while playing.